5 Digital Trends that will Benefit Businesses in 2016

As the world is becoming increasingly connected digitally, each year sees newer and better opportunities for achieving digital success. From devices to social media channels, the digital landscape is being flooded with greater creativity and better digital innovations.

Though there have been many new trends that have emerged in 2016, before going in for them it is important to ensure that these trends can benefit your business. So if you are still out of the loop, here are the top 5 digital trends of 2016 that you should keep an eye out for this coming year.

  1. Mobile Marketing Being Seen As A Popular Marketing Strategy

With almost every person having access to mobile phones, these devices are increasingly being used by businesses to boost their marketing strategies. Although targeting mobile devices is not a new trend, many companies are yet to embrace the full potential that this tool offers them. It is certainly true that mobile marketing is huge. However, you still need to figure out how much money is worth being put into this.

A far greater number of people use mobiles as compared to desktops thus generating business by targeting mobile marketing is seen to come with a lot of potential. People also spend a great amount of internet viewing time over their mobile devices. Whether it is while walking from one location to another or when you need a small break from work, the mobile is the first thing you pick up. Out to a good start, a large number of markets are adapting themselves to this trend and by tapping the full potential of this opportunity mobile marketing will continue to make lucrative strides in the future.

  1. Access to Real-time Data

With all kinds of data being available over the Web, marketers now have access to more information than ever more. For one to engage in successful digital marketing, making meaning of all the big data out there is the need of the hour. Given that data fuels everything, right from insights to strategy refinement, meaningfully interpreting data trends will bring in valuable insight into big data which will enable you to transform your business.

  1. Using Content to Facilitate Trust and Reliability in Your Brand

Content creation is also being seen as a major marketing strategy for the foreseeable future. By creating familiarity and building trust in your brand, your content creation investment will bring in large returns on your investment. Creating content for the sake of it will not benefit you in any way. However, when your content creation is focussed on attracting visitors through blog posts, articles and so on, you are then able to gather information about visitors and convert them into buyers.

  1. Social Media Marketing will Continue to See A Surge

Social media has been a force to reckon with for the past couple of years. Although witnessing a recent decline in its effectiveness, there is no doubt that this is a phenomenon that is here to stay. With more and more social media platforms emerging as days go by and older platforms continuing to grow, the social media frenzy is far from over.

Though this growth may not be channel specific, businesses will need to keep an eye open to see which platform is more popular at a given point of time. For instance, a recent report showed that while Instagram had witnessed a major growth spurt within the last year as compared to other social media platforms, Snapchat was still seen as the fastest growing social media and messaging app. Similarly, in a single month, video viewings on Facebook outstripped YouTube.

  1. A More Integrated Digital Marketing System

In the coming year, combining digital proficiency with search marketing will help businesses rid themselves of the drawbacks of one channel while impinging on the benefits of another. Thus investing in integrated search marketing is guaranteed to benefit businesses. Integrated marketing will help make companies’ delivery approaches far more creative. This will cover internal interaction among staff as well as working relationships with external service providers. Although this trend took roots back in 2015, it is expected to reach new heights by 2016.

While these are a few big trends to watch out for, there are a lot more that will be likely to make a mark in 2016 so make sure you keep your eyes open for them.