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Approximately 3.9 billion people worldwide use email daily for communication, and no other platform comes close to having this number of daily active users. As a prominent, reputed, and reliable email marketing agency, we will help you utilize the opportunity to connect your brand with the right customers. We offer diverse email marketing services designed to fit your brand’s needs, financial capabilities, and ideal market segments.

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Email Marketing Services In Baroda
Email Marketing Services In Baroda

Get Ready to Grow Your Business with An Email Marketing Agency You can Trust

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your brand to specific market segments and boost your revenue. At SEO Web Planet Solutions, we invest in the best and most advanced email marketing software and conduct continuous training to deliver marketing automation services that provide value and increase profitability.

Since our inception into the market, our in-house experts in email marketing have helped thousands of businesses launch targeted email marketing campaigns to optimize their time and budget. Whether you need email marketing services for e-commerce, Shopify, or any other niche, our email marketing experts will assist you.

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With years of experience in the field and strength of technical knowledge, we emerged as one of the leading email marketing service providers. Here’s why our clients prefer our services.

Attractive Design

Attractive Design 

When designing your call to action, we use contrast colour in the rest of the content to make your CTAs pop. We design CTAs that are large enough so that they stand out from the rest of the content.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

We have the appropriate tools and resources that can measure your growth. Our team of experts, through their knowledge and expertise in the relevant field, help you understand your growth level, point out the areas of improvement and set realistic goals.

Experience and Knowledge

Experience and Knowledge

We are into the industry for over a decade. Besides, all our in-house experts have proficient knowledge in the relevant fields. They specialize in various niches and verticals, which enables them to meet your marketing needs and bring success to your venture.

Consistency and Innovation

Consistency and Innovation

We follow a structured schedule to meet your marketing needs. Above all, we are always consistent with our plans. We always utilize the latest industry trends that help our client’s businesses grow faster. We understand your brand goals and use the best tools and resources for your campaign.

Tools We Used

Email marketing tools should be an integral part of your business' marketing.

Our Email Marketing Process

Enjoy these benefits with SEOWebplanet Solution's Email Campaigns


Set a Campaign Goal

We utilize our time, knowledge, and expertise to assess, plan and design goals for your email market campaign before launching it. We track the metrics before and after the campaign, which helps fulfill your goals. We perform by identifying your brand’s purpose and audience, choosing your performance metrics, and putting all these together using the SMART framework. It helps to track your progress and launch a successful email campaign for your brand.

Define Your Email Audience

We identify the various audience members you are trying to target with your email marketing campaign. Our experts will create personas for the diverse audience on your email marketing list. It helps you communicate with them in their language and increase your potential to drive conversions. After defining your audience, we believe in ultra-targeting with customer personas. Once your customers enter the email marketing funnel, we segment them into different customer persona groups and focus our campaigns on each of these groups.


Build Your Email List

We help your business grow its subscriber database and empower future business communications with your existing clients. We collect and build your email database using strategies like embedding sign-up forms and welcome pop-ups. Our embedded sign-up forms serve as a humble reminder for visitors that they can sign up with your business. Our welcome pop-ups appear within 15 seconds of a visitor landing on a page. It includes offering a discount, a sales notification, and talks about your USPs or some other form of value exchange.

Create an Onboarding Sequence

The onboarding sequence is the first opportunity to create a good impression of your brand. Our expert, email marketing service team converts your newly subscribed email readers into paying customers. Often the types of emails in the sequence and their messages vary. We design the onboarding sequence before activating it or sending the first message. Our series opens with sending a welcome mail, where we reintroduce your brand and its products or services. Doing so invites a user to engage with your brand.

We will help to generate more leads with our best-Paid Search campaign for your business.
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