Why E-mail Marketing?

The true power of email marketing has not yet been fully exploited by several businesses. Email newsletter drives enormous sales if properly utilized. The primary purpose of email newsletter is to connect with the customers and motivate them to make repeat purchases. It is also an excellent tool to get lost visitors back and turn them into loyal customers.


Enjoy these benefits with SEOWebplanet Solution's Email Campaigns

Our email marketing strategy accounts for up to 50% of our clients’ total customer revenue.
Our mailing recommendations are accountable for more than 30% of the new subscribers.
Your communications with the clients become more intense and longer 2 to 3 times, resulting in repeat purchases more than twice or thrice.
You can expect an average check increase of 40% from our email marketing solutions. This can only be achieved with a genuine database.
We help you send innovatively designed personalized offers and timely reminders for generating highest rate for repeat sales up to 60%.
Every customer transforms into loyal ones forever and brings 3 to5 times more money on an average level.


Do you want to implement a cost-effective and efficient channel sales and communication with clients?


We will choose the methods and tools that will work according to your business processes and tasks.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Are you exploring the ways to implement an affordable, productive and result oriented channel sales and communication with your clients?We are here to deliver what exactly you need. Get in touch with us immediately.

We will design a fully customized email marketing strategy comprising of the right methods and tools that will go in complete harmony with your business objectives and processes.